DC-DC converter blow out

Hello, my name is Tristen Schieferle. I am a third year Cal Poly student who was assigned the Farm Robotics Challenge by my professor Dr. Bo Liu.

I have an issue that I believe can be fixed just by replacing a part but I want to ask if this has happened before. I was working on coding the Amiga to autonomously follow a set of movement instructions and have turned the machine on and off several times at this point in the day. The machine had been working flawlessly until I turned on the batteries to test a new bit of code but the screen gave me an emergency stop message saying there was an issue with “Pendant: 03”. Shortly after the I got the E-stop message a loud pop came from the back left compartment and smoke came out. I immediately shut off the machine and got in contact with my professor. I just opened the machine up and began investigating the area. There seems to no obvious burns or damage other than the DC-DC converter having a sizable hole in the back.

Sorry for the late reply.

This does look like a failure of the DC/DC converter. It would be good to know about any potential additions/changes that were done to the Amiga to understand if there is any introduced variables that could cause issue. I would also want to understand about how much operational time that machine has had, to get an idea how much time it has been running before failed.

The DC/DC converter should self protect if there is too much of a 24v system load, but there could have been something triggering the issue. For example the Pendant could have started the domino effect, of if it was just a symptom of the DC/DC issue.

Assuming there was no changes or additional components that could look at warranty replacement of the DC/DC and maybe the Pendant. I will discuss this is and see how to move forward. Until then if you could answer some of the questions about if there was anything additional/or changes on the Amiga to make sure we have good observation of the state of the Amiga.

Also if it is easier we can setup meeting to discussion observations and debug what might have happened.

We are preparing some replacement parts to send.