File Mover Error - "Disk is not mounted"

  • What package and version are you using ?
    Copper Grapefruit

  • Please, describe the issues you are seeing ?
    I am attempting to use the File Mover app to transfer files to a USB stick plugged into the Brain. However, I get the error “disk not mounted”.

The USB stick is format FAT32.

I power on the Amiga, plug in the USB stick and then launch the File Mover app. It says “disk status available” but then gives the “disk not mounted” error when I select “start transfer”.
If I try to power on the Amiga with the USB stick plugged in, the Brain gets stuck in the login screen.

When booting up the Amiga (USB stick not plugged in), I see an error that might be causing this issue. “failed to start USB Configure USB flashing port for device mode”.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @Wes ,
We apologize for you experiencing this bug. I have submitted a ticket for you regarding your issue. Someone from our team will be reaching out to you soon regarding this issue.

Farm-ng Support

Hi Wes,

Have you seen the instructions page?

The two most likely causes are:

  1. This warning blurb about plugging the USB in AFTER starting the app.

:warning: CAUTION
Right now you have to first open the file mover app then plug in the USB. Do not plug in the USB before you open the File Mover App or it may not behave as expected.

  1. This info blurb about formatting the drive:

:exclamation: INFO
In order to transfer data with this USB drive it will need to either be in the exFAT or ext4 format.

If your USB drive is not appearing in the File Mover app when you plug it in, it is likely not formatted as one of these.

Let me know whether these are able to resolve the issue you are seeing.

– Kyle

Thanks Kyle. I did have a look for instructions, but must have missed those. Apologies for asking something that was clearly in the instructions!
My drive is FAT32, so that must be the issue. I will reformat and try again.