GPS with None msgs


I have been working in kivy app repo. I have successfully run it on an Amiga we have in UC Davis lab, cameras, and gps worked as expected. However, when I tested in another Amiga in Napa, I wasn’t able to receive messages from the GPS. The device was found, the connection was correctly establish with self.gps = UbloxGps(self.gps_port), but when debugging I wasn’t able to receive the self.gps.geo_coords(). I would understand that since the connection was established with the device, it is not an internal problem of the Amiga Brain, and rather something with poor signal of GPS or hardware issue with the Antenna. How would you recommend me to proceed with this? Also, is there any support GPS service that you can provide at this point?

Thank in advance for your time.


Hello @dariojavo ,

@Gui has reached out to you for some individual support on this.

The GPS service is not supported as a stable product on v1.x.x AmigaOS brains. The GPS service will be officially supported in the next major release (v2.x.x).

– Kyle

Thanks Kyle for your kind response.