GPS RTK Unable to Connect

  • What package and version are you using ?

  • Please, describe the issues you are seeing ?
    We have both the Amiga and GPS RTK base station connected to the internet successfully. However, once we get into the NTRIP app, it says GPS RTK not available. I have attached
    some images of what we are seeing. We have inputted in the ip address of the base station into the field. Are there any other necessary fields that need to be completed? Most of them were autocompleted.

** Any possible information will make the live of the community members easy to reply and provide a solution.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Earl,

I think the problem it’s your mount point and port. Try to use:

  • Woven_RTK_Mob as mount point;
  • 50010 as port.

We don’t have documentation for the RTK stations yet, sorry about that. We will push an update next week with more details.


We have tried your suggestion but it seems to not work on our end.

Both systems are Connected (we confirmed in tailscale). Any other suggestions?

Hey Earl… I just checked your machine and tested bringing it back to ttyACM0, but no success. I’m debugging another RTK station right now and may have news for our later today. I will keep in touch.

We are currently using ACM0 for a different usb device.

ACM1 might work.

Everything is working on our end now!
Couldve been a connection to internet issue.

Hi Earl,

Good to know it is back working! Here are my two cents:

AFAIK, the ACM0 serial interface is assigned to the GPS service during boot. Therefore, if you connect another device, it will likely be assigned to ACM1 (or another available ACM port, depending on the order of connection and device detection). This means the new device will not interfere with the GPS service, which should be using ACM0.

Let us know if anything else comes up!