I am looking for an affordable GNSS receiver for precision agriculture

Hello everyone. I apologize if I made a mistake with the topic. Sorry, may I ask a question? I’m a bit confused… Currently, I am looking for an affordable GNSS receiver for precision agriculture. I know that there are many options available in terms of price and quality. However, I am also wondering if it is possible to create a DIY RTK receiver. I found an affordable kit for RTK on this website: https://gnss.store/gnss-development-kits/147-elt0130.html, but I still doubt my capabilities to do it myself. Maybe someone has experience in this and can give some advice? I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Hello @LourenK ,

We would recommend the Sparkfun line of RTK products:

Keep in mind that the RTCM corrections may require wifi connection where your base station and Amiga are operating.

FYI - we are currently developing products for RTK-based precision control of the Amiga robots using radio for RTCM corrections to allow for operation on wifi-denied farms. These upgrades will be available for purchase once we mature the technology :slight_smile:

I hope this helps,

– Kyle

Hi Kyle, we use UHF radios for a handheld mapping solution to receive RTCM corrections in wifi denied areas of our farms. Do you have any updates on using radio for the Amiga?

Hello @HEW ,

No updates yet, but stay tuned!

– Kyle