Increase holding torque of motors

Hi, I was looking into increasing the holding torque of the motors so that I don’t get slippages whenever I am pausing during the operation. Could you please guide me as to where I need to make changes in the dashboard firmware and more importantly the range of safe values.

Hello @priyajakhar ,

Increasing the holding torque is not supported. When stopped, the motors are set to hold their position and the motor torque is not limited (within reason).

There is currently a behavior to prevent motors from fighting each other where each motor is iteratively set to passive in the first few seconds of stopping. This can cause a bit of walking if stopping on a slope, but there should not be slippage (at least of wheels turning) after this concludes.

Can you please clarify the behavior you are experiencing, and provide context of loads on your amiga and slopes you are stopping on.

Thank you,

Hi @kylecoble ,

We have approximately 500 lbs. of load (a gantry system). The slopes are very minimal (<2 for sure). Whenever we pause the amiga mid-track, it slips back a few inches. Since we are looking to have precise stoppages, this behavior is detrimental to us. We were hoping to change this by having the motors lock up more when stopped.

Hello @priyajakhar ,

Thank you for the clear description. This is the expected behavior when stopping the robot with the existing firmware. We are currently re-evaluating our vehicle control strategy and will keep this in mind as one of the concrete use cases to address.

You can anticipate a firmware release that fixes this behavior sometime in Q2 of this year. We will be in touch!


@ethanrublee asked me to add these videos we took of the phenomenon for the benefit of the firmware team to look at.

For reference the dashboard firmware is V0.2.0