Need to remap amiga ros topic from /amiga/vel to /imu_raw

The default amiga_ros configuration outputs the amiga’s IMU data to the ros topic /amiga/vel. However the package I’m using subscribes to the /imu_raw ros topic. I can’t change the subscribed topic value so I need to remap the /amiga/vel data to /imu_raw. If anyone has any insight on how to do this, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello @hoshinotsuki ,

You can remap topics in a launch file. This is well documented by ROS:

the /amiga/vel topic is not publishing IMU data. It is publishing a Twist message based on wheel odometry. If you want raw IMU data you’ll need to use the depthai-ros package to interact with the cameras directly. This package is pre-installed in the latest ROS container and you can see example usage for ROS streaming of Oak camera data at:

You’ll need to read the depthai-ros documentation to see how to interact with the raw IMU data:

– Kyle

You can check if you have the latest ROS bridge container by running apt list --installed | grep ros-noetic-depthai-ros after ssh’ing in as the ros user. If it responds with the package name it is installed. If it doesn’t, then you likely you have the old ROS container before this was added. You can get the new ROS container by upgrading to the latest stable release. Please schedule an upgrade with @Jerrycowell96 if needed.

– Kyle